Wow! You must be here because you saw one of my silly doodles and went “oh boy, how do I get one of those??”. Good news! I accept them on commission!

Doodle Commission Information

Commission Description: A fun doodle of your fursona, OC, or pet. They’re flat colored by default. Shading is added at my discretion.
Edit Policy: I will only make changes to repair artist error. I am not responsible for inaccurate references.
Price: $20 each
Videos: Timelapse videos are not guaranteed, though I will make every effort to ensure to record one for you.
Limitations: These are for “feral” animals only. No human chibis or chibi anthros!
How to Order: You can order them here on Artconomy (registration required), or you can email me the following form at

Doodle Form

Your name to credit:
Email to send a Paypal invoice to:
References: (No more than 3)
Desired Pose/ Expression: